Flora of the Overberg

Flora of the Overberg, of the Overberg, of the Overberg, of the Overberg,
Flora of the Overberg, of the Overberg, of the Overberg, of the Overberg,

Flora of the Overberg

The Overberg is located in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom with over 9 000 species of plant found here, the predominant one being fynbos.  A colourful display of endemic exquisiteness reaching both mountain and shore.  This abundance and diversity is rarely seen anywhere else offering visitors a unique and special experience.  South Africa’s national flower, the Protea, flourishes in this region.

The name “fynbos” comes from the Dutch word fijnosch meaning “fine bush”, aptly describing the look of fynbos.  Overberg is known to have the highest diversity of Buchus fynbos with each species having a distinctive smell which is clearly noticed in the air.  From citrus to liquorice and garlic, it cannot be missed!

A little known fact about fynbos is that it will use fire as a way to spread its seeds.  Fires free up space so that seeds can germinate and new plants can grow.  The post-fire environment has nutrients reintroduced from the ash giving the seedlings the perfect environment to prosper in.  In the same token if fires happen too frequently and within short spurts of eachother then certain fynbos will not regrow.  Hence the reasoning behind the very strict no smoking rules within fynbos populated areas.

The Overberg contains some of the largest and most intact Renosterveld fynbos fragments which consist of four different critically endangered vegetation types : Central Rûens Shale, Eastern Rûens Shale, Western Rûens Shale, and Rûens Silcrete Renosterveld.  Not considered very attractive for most parts of the year, Renosterveld certainly shows its true colours during springtime when it flourishes into a variety of amazing hues.

The soil type in the region plays a part in aiding the density of the endemic plant species, with variants of sandstone, clay flats and limestone hills.  There are various ongoing conservation support systems in place to protect the delicate ecosystem of the Overberg.

Article written by Lauren Pywell

Flora of the Overberg, of the Overberg, of the Overberg,
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